Bin Stocking Services & Assortments
EL-Cor Industries Bin Stocking Services are designed for just getting started or for re-organizing and
adding to an existing shop.  EL-Cor offers a full line of assortment kits, storage equipment, and bin label

With EL-Cor’s bin stocking services you can always count on having the right parts for the job on hand.  
Each of our assortments comes labeled with easy to identify part numbers and product pictures
making it easy to reorder and keep your kits and bins full.
General Information

Metal Drawers & Heavy Duty Plastic Drawers
•        Our large scoop compartment metal drawers measure 18”W x 12”D x 3”H.
•        Available in the following compartment sizes: 32*, 24*, 21*, 20, 16, 12, 6, and adjustable options.
•        * Available in Heavy Duty Gray Plastic with Clear Lid. (DL-P32 has adjustable dividers)

4-Drawer Slide Racks for Metal Drawers
•        DLR-4 holds 4 large metal drawers and measures 20” x 15.75” x 15”.
•        Each cradle holds up to 40 lbs. and allows metal drawers to be easily removed for transport to work areas.
•        Optional base (DL-BR) available with 15” legs, and multiple drawer racks can be mounted together.

40-Hole Bins (Bolt and Pipe Fitting Bins)
•        Two units can be stacked to form an 80 compartment unit, or 3 units to form a 120 compartment unit.
•        Each bin measures 21.5”H x 35.25”W x 11.875”D.  Each opening measures 3.25”H x 4”W.
•        Optional base (DL-403-8) available with 12” legs.

Popular Storage Equipment (Additional Information Available Upon Request)
•        Aerosol Can Cabinets & Caddy’s.
•        Key Stock, Threaded Rod, Welding Rod, and Brake Line Racks & Cabinets.
•        Wire Spool Racks & Caddy’s.
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Example of Outside Label
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